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VRU has been an important resource to the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office during crime scene processing. We often provide means of delivering crime scene investigation materials to the scene so that detectives and deputies do not have to stock large amounts of them in their vehicles.

VRU volunteers are able to also provide scene security to the secured areas so that investigative staff can process the scene without the worry of evidence or the scene being compromised by outside interests.

Occassionally, VRU members will be staffed to a crime scene that has to remain secured over-night until the next day when investigative staff will be available to respond for further processing.
Members interested in this aspect of volunteering should expect an extra level of necessary training to ensure that they are able to effectively perform their assigned role(s).

VRU and the YCSO strongly believes in ensuring that members involved in crime scene security details are well-prepared so they are safe at the scene and can be an effective resource.

If you think you have a skillset that could be of value to the VRU for these type of details, please contact us or submit a volunteer application.

Your involvement could be a valued resource. Thank you for your interest.