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Q1:  What is the minimum age requirement to be a VRU member?

Answer: VRU members must be at least 18 years old before they can apply. The Sheriff's Cadet group recruits individuals that are between the ages of 15 to 20. So, if you or someone you know is eager to volunteer with the Sheriff's Office and are not of the minimum age to be in the VRU, please contact us and we can get you in touch with a Cadet Advisor.

Q2:  Can you tell me what kind of activities VRU members perform?

Answer: There are many ways to volunteer with VRU. Our volunteers perform administrative functions in the office, some prefer community event details, others enjoy doing radar trailer placement, parades, fingerprinting, or crime scene security type details. We're sure that there is a volunteer opportunity for you to enjoy as a VRU member.

Q3:   What are the requirements to be a VRU volunteer?

Answer: A minimum of 38 hours per year of participation is required to maintain "good standing" status with us. We also require that you attend 7 monthly meetings per year and maintain required trainings.

Q4:   I'm interested in a career in law enforcement. Can the VRU help me?

Answer: The VRU can be a stepping-stone that familiarizes individuals seeking a law enforcement career since it associates them with the public and the staff of an accredited law enforcement agency. Many of our local, younger candidates begin their path towards law enforcement with the Cadet group, however, if you are of an age older than their required limits, VRU is a great way to become involved. Our group offers opportunities for individuals to perform crime scene security details, community events, in-office adminstrative tasks and more. Some of our volunteers have advanced to be Reserve Deputies, which carries the knowledge and experiences their learned from VRU towards their career. Consider the VRU as part of your path towards an excellent and rewarding career helping to protect our community!

Q5:   Where can I speak to a VRU volunteer?

Answer: The Volunteer Response Unit is active in representing the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office at many public community events - in most cities and towns of Yamhill County. In most cases, if you learn of a community event being held in a town near you, you can usually expect to see the VRU booth setup there for you to visit and talk with one of our friendly volunteers. Check your local newspaper for event information, or you can look at our event/assignment calendar. You are also always welcome to contact us about any interests you may have in the VRU.

Q6:   How long does it take to become a volunteer with the Sheriff's Office?

Answer: Typically the delays associated with becoming a member of the VRU, or any other volunteer group with the Sheriff's Office is the background check process and the necessary interviews with the associated boards and the Sheriff. You can expect a period of two weeks to complete the process (at minimum) - and some applications may take a bit longer or process a little quicker depending on other administrative staff work-loads at the time. Please be patient. Your application is appreciated and valued to us. To help expedite your application process, download a digital version of the application by clicking here: Volunteer Application

If you have any questions about our volunteer group, please contact us. We would be happy to speak to you!