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Representing Sheriff Tim Svenson
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Any citizen in the Yamhill County area interested in helping their community by supporting and offering their time to the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office - Volunteer Response Unit.

Minimum Requirements:

1. Must be 18 years old.
2. Not convicted of any serious crime.
3. Able to give your time.

PLEASE CONTACT VRU if you have questions about our volunteer opportunities.

You can pickup an application at the Sheriff's Office or at our booth during an event.

You can also have an application link emailed to you instantly.
↓ Click the link below ↓

Sign Up / Apply with the VRU!
Application Process:

1. Written application submitted and reviewed by the current VRU board and personnel.
2. Background check is conducted.
3. Interview with the volunteer coordinator will determine the program(s) you are interested and capable of volunteering for under VRU or another affiliated group within the Sheriff's Office.
4. Scheduled interview(s) with applicable board(s).
5. Scheduled interview with Sheriff Svenson.
6. Complete an orientation packet issued upon approval.